Mostly Old Hat

by Lasala

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Mostly Old Hat was originally conceived and recorded in 1995 on a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder, using acoustic guitar, bass, vocals and drums. It was then remastered in 2000, and embelished with other instruments. This version is a re-master from 2005, combining original tracks with new material, including electric guitars, keys and samples.


released November 10, 2005

Music and lyrics by Dave Lasala: Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Samples, Drums.



all rights reserved


Dave Lasala Brooklyn, New York

All my albums are now free to download. This represents almost my entire body of recorded music (though many of my favorite songs were lost over time). So indulge my plea for attention, and help yourself to a bunch of free, sincere music.

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Track Name: Worms
Waisted space. A liquor bottle lake. A flame broiled steak in a pasture of green. Join the rat race. From you I'll take. All that I can break and then wrap in a magazine. Worms (x4). Twenty class A a day. Swim in an ashtray. Invite you to stay although you seem mean. Have no need to pray to reveal the right way. Because all I have to say can be smoked through a screen. Worms (x4). The worms are running late. No debate. The clock does stick but sometimes it ticks. But regardless we know the worms are coming. Even though they're running late.
Track Name: Jonnys Hat
Adapted from the screenplay of the 1993 movie Naked by Mike Leigh.
Track Name: Universal Mister
In the name of the father, please give me cancer right now. Dear Santa, I'd like your answer right now. Right now (x2). Hey tooth fairy, I want you to tell me about my mouth. Happy birthday. I'd like some addiction right now. Right now (x5). What's the difference if I lift a weight. Mister universe, I'm sure we would debate. Because it's all just a game, and games are meant for fun. I can see you're angry because you can't see the sun. No (x3).
Track Name: Steel Drum
You're in the mist now. Ineibriated. No I'm not the one to lead you out, Yeah. Yeah, Yeah, Oh, Yeah. Whether you'd like it or whether not. Better tangled weeds than mangled rot, yeah. My hand was there, there was no fear. But you left me hanging on my own. And through your eyes I must look cruel. From tears come cries, you're on your own. Yeah, Yeah, Oh, Yeah. I'm alone now, oh. I'm alone now, yeah. I'm alone now, oh. But do I like it.
Track Name: Excursion
Adpated from a poem by Nicky Beer - Under the faceplate you stamped on. Cut down the creeps who rubbed your dog the wrong way. Vegging by 9am, waisted in the sheets by 1. Way down here in the dark. Waiting for escape. Waiting for escape. Walk on by with a secret. Walk on by with a friend. Walk on by with a secret. Walk on by until the end.
Track Name: Foam - Duet with Heather
Thought I was made of stone. Seems I'm just made of foam. When I looked in your eyes. All that I saw was just lies. Maybe what I saw was my own. My heart projected through foam. Thought you'd fight by my side. Seems it was me who had lied. Now that the truth must be told. I'll always fight alone. Maybe what I saw was my own. My heart projected through foam.